Sharing my ink sample book with you guys!

I bought a book of Memnosyne word cards from a while ago and I had no idea what to do with them (I just bought them for the Greek name - I’m a sucker for Greek).  The paper was so thick and textured when I got it I figured it would be great for a sample book, and it is!

I have a swab of all the inks I own, including ALL my Goulet samples.  I think the number’s somewhere in the thirties.  I have an ink problem.  It’s pretty easy and fun to do - the cards come out of that metal ring nicely, then you just take a q-tip and make a swab of the ink.  Then I write with my dip pen so I can change inks quickly.  Make sure you clean your pen thoroughly between samples!

One idea that I wish I’d had before doing this was to use a stencil.  I saw someone on Tumblr use a bird stencil for their swabs and I thought that was adorable.  But I think this shows the shading a bit better, so I’m pretty good with that.  :)

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    Both great ideas. I used then ink journal from Anderson pens but the paper is beyond crap, worse than copy paper. I have...
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    I keep my ink samples in a 3x5 Moleskine (because for some reason I thought they were cool when I was first getting into...
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    This is such a cool idea!
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